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  The Port of Gojeong

Berth Name Length
Max allowable capacity Average discharging
rate (MT)
DWT LOA BM Draft Air draft
Kepco Dolphin
231 110,000
270 45 16 28 (From waterline to top of hatch coaming) 15,000~20,000 / day
Kepco Dolphin

    Pier position : 36-24-00N, 126-29-00E
    Pilot Station : 36-11-00N, 126-18-00E
    Minimum depth in Channel : 13.2~28m
    Minimum depth in pier : 23m
    Daytime berthing/deberthing only with suitable tide
    Bunkers : available
    Fresh water : available at pier during night time
    Discharging methods : Total 4sets of shore unloader