welcome to cwshipping




One new Promise, dedicated to the superior customer survice 

We will be the best partner that can be trusted by the customers for a long time with the

maximum reduction of expenses and giving the customers the fastest and precise information

through the accumulated experience of all the staff and ultra-modem office enviroment.

Our years of experience ensure our owners that vessel will have a smooth tum around             




* General shipping agent 

* Protective agent 

* Husbandry agent

* New shipbuilding agent

* Sales&Purchase agent 

* Dry-dock & Repairing agent 

* Bunkering agent 

* Port clearance agent 

* Ship's store supply

* Handling of crew change

* Chartering / bunkering 

* Freight forwarding  

* General agent of Training ship of K.M.U ( Korea maritime unversity )