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작성일 : 10-11-08 10:16
G20 Seoul Vice Ministerial Conference Starts
 글쓴이 : chungwoo
조회 : 8,260  
Vice finance ministers of the Group of 20 nations have gathered in Seoul for the G20 summit.

For four days, the vice ministers and sherpas in charge of working-group negotiations will try to finalize ways to coordinate an end to an ongoing foreign exchange dispute, methods of fighting trade protectionism and ways to establish a global financial safety net, all of which are the main goals that will be included in the Seoul Declaration to be released upon the completion of the summit.

The Finance Ministry and the G20 summit preparation committee in Seoul say that the vice ministers and sherpas will hold talks through Thursday evening to draft a blueprint for the summit declaration.

Drafts of the declaration were submitted to G20 members over the weekend to review current account balance guidelines and other matters.