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작성일 : 10-11-01 09:40
S.Korea's Economy to Grow 4.4% Next Year
 글쓴이 : chungwoo
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The Korea Institute of Finance has forecast that the nation will post economic growth of four-point-four percent next year, down from the previous projection of six percent.

The institute said Friday that the nation's economy will expand three-point-nine percent in the first half of next year and four-point-eight percent in the second half.

The agency also projected that private consumption will increase by three-point-four percent next year due to economic recovery and a drop in foreign exchange rates.

According to the institute, the current account surplus for next year is expected to fall to around 20 billion U.S. dollars from this year’s forecast of 29-point-seven billion dollars due to increased imports.

Growth in investment in facilities and construction, meanwhile, is also expected to slide next year.