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작성일 : 10-08-30 09:12
52 Export Items Topped Global Markets in '08
 글쓴이 : chungwoo
조회 : 1,762  
A domestic think tank says 52 Korean export items topped world markets in 2008.

The Institute for International Trade under the Korea International Trade Association says the country ranked 19th in the world in the number of export items ruling global markets.

The number of Korea's world-topping items fell from 61 in 2004 to 52 in 2008, with the number of high-tech items falling from four to one over the period.

China had the most export items ruling global markets with 1,210 in 2008, up from 830 in 2004. Germany was second with 860 items, followed by the U.S. with 587, Italy 288 and Japan 213.